Outside General Counsel Services

Rozovics Law Firm, LLC offers affordable “Outside General Counsel” services to business clients as well as comprehensive intellectual property portfolio management. These services offer small and mid-size businesses the opportunity to have an attorney “on-call”, similar to the “in-house” attorneys employed by Fortune 500 businesses; however, the services are tailored to the size and needs of smaller businesses that are growing locally, nationally and/or internationally. This service helps proactive business owners identify and understand legal issues that face them every day, and how they can “nip them in the bud” at a minimal cost, before they turn into very expensive conflicts that end up in the courts.

By entering into a monthly agreement for legal services, clients can have an attorney from Rozovics Law Firm, LLC “on call” at any time they need a question answered. More importantly, the attorney provides regular counseling and updates on legal issues where the owner(s) or CEO might not know they are exposed to legal liability. Documents are drafted that seek to minimize exposure to risk. Issues that might be addressed during the scope of an “Outside General Counsel” arrangement vary widely, but can include:

  • Weekly updates on case law, statutes, treaties, administrative regulations and other legal obligations that affect your business
  • Attendance at monthly corporate staff/board meetings in order to identify corporate issues requiring legal attention
  • Corporate maintenance issues, updating of corporate minutes, review of company’s practices for potential of piercing the corporate veil and other exposure to liability
  • Employment practices audits, including hiring and firing procedures, workplace training, draft/review/revise employee handbooks, and consideration of potential liability issues which arise from improper practices in these areas
  • Review of intellectual property issues, including protection of company’s own copyright, trademark and trade secrets, and potential infringement of others’ rights in these areas
  • Review of potential liability issues arising from electronic evidence and documents, and draft/review/revise electronic destruction policies in order to comply with legal requirements and protect the company’s interests before it gets sued
  • Review of existing contracts and discussion of strengths/weaknesses in contracts, website terms and conditions (yours and others), for use in upcoming negotiations and to defend against potential liability
  • Negotiation of contracts with vendors and/or clients, commercial leases, distribution agreements, agency agreements, and annotation of such documents so as to provide business owners with an understanding of their rights and obligations under the contracts, and an understanding of which terms in so-called “form” contracts are and are not negotiable
  • Issues arising from the purchase or sale of stock in a business, or membership interests in an LLP, or partnership interests
  • Collection of debts from clients and settlement of disputes with clients, vendors, employees and others